Mapping Native American History with Hopi Landscape Portal Software

Many thanks to @giantpandinha for tweeting the Hopi Landscape Portal, a new historical mapping project by Wes Bernardini of University of Redlands. Bernardini’s program, which uses ArcGIS Explorer software, allows users to explore 3D reconstructions of 32 Hopi villages. According to an Indian Country article,

Bernardini has been working with the Hopi for the last decade on mapping the ancestral villages. He uses conventional archaeological data as well as Hopi traditional knowledge to get a clearer picture of the past.

“Everything in my work started with, and continually goes back to, Hopi oral tradition,” he told ICTMN. “It was the clan migration traditions recounted to me by Hopi colleagues that first helped me to see that archaeological ideas about Hopi migrations were incomplete, and each visit to Hopi adds new pieces of information that help me to see the archaeological record in a new light.”


Transatlantic Slave Trade Maps Online

Many thanks to @donaculcinea for tweeting this terrific resource: a set of nine introductory maps detailing the transatlantic slave trade.

The maps, excerpted from Eltis and Richardson’s Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (Yale UP, 2010), are posted on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database website, an extensive repository of information about slavery and slave trade voyages.